A native of Troyes, France, Régis Demange began with work on restoration and sculpture for several historic monuments in France. In 1973, Régis moved to California, where he worked creating ornate fireplaces, pediments, and mural wall carvings. He moved to Cape Cod for almost a decade to complete the stone sculpture for the church. Using limestone and marble, Demange sculpted over two hundred images, including the twenty-eight column capitals in the nave, the exterior and interior lintel above the doors, the columns on either side of the interior door, ten capitals in the atrium, and twenty-eight capitals in the cloister, as well as the altar mensa and Paschal candle-stand. He collaborated closely with designers including Helen McLean and Community artists, translating their detailed drawings into intricate sculpture.

25 Years Later

Regis Demange visited the church in September 2022, and shared stories of sculpting the capitals, lintels, and altar with some of of the Community of Jesus young people, many of whom were born after they were installed!