Gregorian Chant

The eloquent expression of Gregorian chant is a musical icon of the Word of God. It conveys holiness and lifts heart, mind, and soul. The Community preserves and strengthens this unique form of sung prayer as a living tradition, chanting the Liturgy of the Hours and the Ordinary and Proper of the Eucharist. The use of Latin in connection with the chant serves as a unifying language of prayer and also as the optimum vehicle for the texts, which are so closely connected to these time-honored melodies.

Growing from the earliest roots of our Christian faith, it is equally relevant to our modern, ecumenical monastic life. We believe that all of the creative work of the Community is sustained and nurtured through our daily life together and the rhythm of our worship and prayer.

This year we are offering two Gregorian Chant Retreats, and all are very welcome – beginners as well as those already proficient in Gregorian Chant.

The summer one was June 3-6 – The Chants of the Martyrs.

The fall one is September 8-11, 2024 – The Chants of Mary
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