Liturgy of the Hours Gregorian Chant Livestream

We welcome you to join the Community daily via livestream as we pray the Liturgy of the Hours – Lauds and Vespers.  These sung services of Gregorian chant include psalms, hymns, readings and prayers.


Psalms: 95, 63, 118, Habakkuk 3:2-4, 13a, 15-19, 150, Canticle-Benedictus-Luke 1:68-79 


Psalms: 110, 111, 112, 113, Canticle: Revelation 19:1b-3, 4c-5, 6b-7, Canticle- Magnificat– Luke1:46b – 55 

The Liturgy of the Hours is the most frequent form of daily prayer. The Community gathers at designated hours to worship according to this ancient practice.

In the morning, Lauds causes our first words to be offered to the praise of God. At the end of the day we celebrate Vespers, looking back upon the day with thanksgiving.  Join us each day via livestream at the times listed below.

Vespers     5:30 PM

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Lauds       7:30 AM
Vespers    5:30 PM

Vespers I  5:15 PM

Lauds        9:15 AM
Vespers II 5:15 PM

The Liturgy of the Hours (the Divine Office) is one form of prayer with both traditional and ecumenical dimensions. At its heart stands the Word of God, especially as expressed in the Psalms, that have for centuries provided a language of prayer, both spoken and sung, for every branch of the church.

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Lauds and Vespers livestreams from this week can be viewed below.
Click here to view archived Liturgy of the Hours livestreams from July 11th – 17th.
Click here to view archived Liturgy of the Hours livestreams from July 18th – 24th.

We apologize as due to technical difficulties, not all of the services from this current week are available to view.

Sunday Lauds, July 25th

Psalms: 95, 63, 118, Canticle Isaiah 12: 1b-6, Canticle-Benedictus-Luke 1:68-79

Sunday Vespers, July 25th

Psalms: 78: 1-35, 83, Canticle-Magnificat – Luke1:46b – 55

Thursday Vespers, July 29th

Memorial – Sts. Mary, Martha and Lazarus – Psalms: 8, 15, 28, 33, Canticle-Magnificat – Luke1:46b – 55 

Friday Lauds, July 30th

Psalms: 122, 51, 85, 149, BenedictusLuke 1:68-79 

Friday Vespers, July 30th

Psalms: 106: 1-31, 106: 32-48, Canticle-Magnificat – Luke1:46b – 55 

Saturday Vespers, July 31st

Psalms: 46, 116: 1-9, 116, 10-19, 138, 141, Canticle-Magnificat– Luke1:46b – 55