Holy Week & Easter Sunday

Please join us for the Easter Sunday Eucharist service at 10am this Sunday, April 21st. There will be no Divine Office (Lodi) preceding this service.
All other services during Holy Week are closed to the public.

La Comunità di Gesù, Chiesa della Trasfigurazione, and Priory Gifts will be closed during Easter Week, reopening with the Eucharist service at 10am on Sunday, April 28th.


Domenica delle Palme: Sunday of the Passion

Commemorating both Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem and his passion, this feast begins Holy Week and points us toward ​the events of ​Good Friday​ and Easter. All of these themes can be found in the ​morning service of Lauds, which includes antiphons of praise, hymns of the passion, and text​s​ that point​ ​to our redemption through Christ’s ​death and resurrection. The liturgy of Holy Eucharist for ​this day begins with atriumphantprocession​ accompanied by hymns of Hosannas, and then moves to a quieter meditation on Christ’s suffering​, concluding with solemn reverence as Holy Week begins.

Easter Sunday: Feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord

Beginning with hymns and antiphons of light, alleluias and Easter joy, the fifty-day feast of Easter commences with the chants at Lauds. The entire Eucharistic liturgy that follows reflects the joyful news of Christ’s resurrection from the dead and our salvation. This feast is the pinnacle of the Christian liturgical year and is celebrated with procession, music, arte, special liturgy and Gregorian chants that echo our joy that in Christdeath is swallowed up in victory​!” By the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ , we receive new birth, new hope​, and the gift of eternal life.