Planning the Art

The committee identified a number of principles that directed decision making regarding the overall iconographic program for the church. They determined that the building and its art should tell the story of salvation as outlined in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. In addition, the art would be part of the physical structure of the church, which meant that it needed to be factored into the architectural plans and drawings. Because the church style drew upon an ancient architectural heritage, ancient art forms such as mosaic, fresco, and sculpture – all employing natural materials – would be used. Thus, the images would become the actual walls, floor, and door of the church.

Faithful adherence to scriptural authenticity was given priority. The art had to support the activities of worship, helping draw the viewer into a deeper relationship with Christ and the holy life. The image program would strengthen the faith of the assembly by enabling them to recall the mysteries of salvation history and portraying life as a  pilgrimage from entrance to altar, from baptism to Eucharist. Symbols and images specific to Cape Cod environment would give the church a distinctly native character and remind viewers that the redemptive power of Jesus is here and now.

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