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The Church and Priory Books & Gifts are CLOSED at this time due to nationwide precautions

There are no services or tours. However, please know that we are praying for protection for you and for your loved ones and for containment for the virus. Daily we are also praying for our leaders as they work to bring order and care for all in our country as we walk through this crisis together.

May God sustain us at this time.

Thank you for helping us to preserve the monastic character of our life by wearing modest attire during your visit, especially while in the Church of the Transfiguration.

Mercredis de la Communauté de Jésus observe enceinte monastique. L'église de la Transfiguration et Livres Prieuré & Les cadeaux sont fermés. Merci de respecter ces moments de calme. (The Community also observes a few extended periods of enclosure through the year, during which we are closed to the public. Please be sure to check the website for possible changes in the schedule.)

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